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sixth international conference on marsThis publication contains the extended abstracts that were accepted for presentation at the 6th International Conference on Mars, held in Pasadena, CA July 20-25, 2003. The file contains the preface, table of contents, program, abstracts, and indexes. The extended abstracts review and debate some of the key questions and controversies that have matured during the flood of MGS and Odyssey data. The papers are presented in PDF format and are indexed by abstract author, and program author.
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Conference Proceedings
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August 21, 2013
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July 25, 2003
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Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration
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Sixth International Conference on Mars(Pasadena, CA)
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Subsidiary4-D Model of CO2 Deposition at North and South of Mars from HEND/Odyssey and MOLA/MGS20030066567Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of Atmospheric Mesoscale Models for Entry, Descent and Landing20030066544Analytic SubsidiaryModeling Near-Surface Temperatures at Martian Landing Sites20030066740Analytic SubsidiaryCan Hydrous Minerals Account for the Observed Mid-Latitude Water on Mars?20030066795Analytic SubsidiarySpectroscopy of Mars Atmosphere from Orbiting and Ground-based Observatories: Recent Results and Implications for Evolution20030066765Analytic SubsidiaryNon-Equilibrium Thermodynamic Chemistry and the Composition of the Atmosphere of Mars20030066806Analytic SubsidiaryOperation of MRO's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE): Maximizing Science Participation20030066682Analytic SubsidiaryPancam: A Multispectral Imaging Investigation on the NASA 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission20030066732Analytic SubsidiaryWhat is the Time Scale for Orbital Forcing of the Martian Water Cycle?20030066710Analytic SubsidiaryConstraints on the Evolution of the Dichotomy Boundary at 50-90E20030066626Analytic SubsidiaryCRISM: Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter20030066683Analytic SubsidiaryThe Seasonal Behavior of Water Ice Clouds in the Tharsis and Valles Marineris Regions of Mars: Mars Orbiter Camera Observations20030066615Analytic SubsidiaryStudies of Rock Abrasion on Earth and Mars20030066555Analytic SubsidiaryLife in the Ice20030066704Analytic SubsidiaryCraters on Mars: Global Geometric Properties from Gridded MOLA Topography20030066736Analytic SubsidiaryAn Autonomous Instrument Package for Providing 'Pathfinder' Network Measurements on the Surface of Mars20030066627Analytic SubsidiaryNew Insights into the Geology of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site from Spectral and Morphologic Analysis of the 12-Color Superpan Panorama20030066581Analytic SubsidiaryBuried Impact Basins and the Earliest History of Mars20030066778Analytic SubsidiaryWater-Ice Clouds in the LMDs Martian General Circulation Model20030066603Analytic SubsidiaryMGS/TES-Odyssey/THEMIS-IR Analysis of Localized Low Albedo Regions in Valles Marineris20030066588Analytic SubsidiaryThe Surface Roughness of Terrains on Mars20030066707Analytic SubsidiaryTime-dependent Calculations of an Impact-triggered Runaway Greenhouse Atmosphere on Mars20030066598Analytic SubsidiaryMars Odyssey THEMIS-VIS: Surface-Atmosphere Separation and Derivation of Aerosol Properties20030066797Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical Simulations of the Evolution of the CO2 Atmosphere of Mars: 4.53 Ga to the Present20030066759Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of Moessbauer Data from Mars: A Database and Artificial Neural Network for Identification of Iron-bearing Phases20030066604Analytic SubsidiaryFrom the South Pole to the Northern Plains: The Argyre Planitia Story20030066727Analytic SubsidiaryGusev and Meridiani Will Look Different: Radar Scattering Properties of the Mars Exploration Rover Landing Sites20030066617Analytic SubsidiarySample Analysis at Mars20030066761Analytic SubsidiaryPressure Balance at Mars and Solar Wind Interaction with the Martian Atmosphere20030066546Analytic SubsidiarySeasonal Mapping of HDO and H2O in the Martian Atmosphere20030066804Analytic SubsidiaryA One Billion Year Martian Climate Model: The Importance of Seasonally Resolved Polar Caps and the Role of Wind20030066754Analytic SubsidiarySeasonal Variation of Martian Polar Caps: 1999 and 2001 MOC Data20030066629Analytic SubsidiaryAstroBioLab: A Mobile Biotic and Soil Analysis Laboratory20030066533Analytic SubsidiaryConstraints on Martian Surface Material from a Study of Volcanic Alteration in Iceland and Hawaii20030066701Analytic SubsidiaryModeling the Seasonal South Polar Cap Sublimation Rates at Dust Storm Conditions20030066678Analytic SubsidiaryH2O-Silicate Microphysics in Ascending Volcanic Plumes on Mars20030066554Analytic SubsidiaryChemistry Related to Possible Outgassing Sources on Mars20030066630Analytic SubsidiaryMeridiani Planum Hematite Deposit: Potential for Preservation of Microfossils20030066610Analytic SubsidiaryCharacteristics of Mini-Magnetospheres Formed by Paleo-Magnetic Fields of Mars20030066611Analytic SubsidiaryMartian Crustal Magnetism: What Have We Learned After Approximately 6 Years of MGS Observations?20030066645Analytic SubsidiaryVolatile Cycling and Layering on Mars: Observations, Theory and Modeling20030066745Analytic SubsidiaryTHEMIS Observations of Pitted Cones in Acidalia Planitia and Cydonia Mensae20030066798Analytic SubsidiaryDefinitive Mineralogical Analysis of Martian Rocks and Soil Using the CheMin XRD/XRF Instrument and the USDC Sampler20030066674Analytic SubsidiaryGeologic Evolution of Mars' North Polar Layered Deposits and Related Materials from Mars Odyssey THEMIS20030066535Analytic SubsidiaryFrom Global Reconnaissance to Sample Return: A Proposal for a Post-2009 Strategy to Follow the Water on Mars20030066667Analytic SubsidiaryMars Mission Optimization Based on Collocation of Resources20030066590Analytic SubsidiaryMRO's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE): Education and Public Outreach Plans20030066724Analytic SubsidiaryBeagle 2: Seeking the Signatures of Life on Mars20030066742Analytic SubsidiaryA New Time-dependent Model for the Martian Radiation Environment20030066773Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Assessing Plains-style Volcanism on Mars20030066703Analytic SubsidiaryMars Global Surveyor Radio Science Electron Density Profiles: Interannual Variability and Implications for the Neutral Atmosphere20030066608Analytic SubsidiaryMultiyear Simulations of the Martian Water Cycle with the Ames General Circulation Model20030066580Analytic SubsidiaryDetermination of Net Martian Polar Dust Flux from MGS-TES Observations20030066602Analytic SubsidiaryFluvial and Lacustrine Processes in Meridiani Planum and the Origin of the Hematite by Aqueous Alteration20030066803Analytic SubsidiarySeasonal/Diurnal Mapping of Ozone and Water in the Martian Atmosphere20030066751Analytic SubsidiaryThe Athena Microscopic Imager Investigation20030066783Analytic SubsidiaryThe Curious Shorelines of Gorgonum Chaos20030066777Analytic SubsidiaryEvolution and Transport of Water in the Upper Regolith of Mars20030066722Analytic SubsidiaryMars Exploration Rover Landing Site Selection20030066718Analytic SubsidiaryCan MARSIS Measure the Low-Altitude Components of the Mars Magnetic Field?20030066643Analytic SubsidiaryThe Miniaturized Moessbauer Spectrometer MIMOS II of the Athena Payload for the 2003 MER Missions20030066570Analytic SubsidiaryRationale for Seismic Measurements on Mars by a Single Station20030066572Analytic SubsidiaryPalagonitic (Not Andesitic) Mars: Evidence from Thermal Emission and VNIR Spectra of Palgonitic Alteration Rinds on Basaltic Rock20030066671Analytic SubsidiaryPhysical Characteristics, Geologic Setting, and Possible Formation Processes of Spring Deposits on Mars Based on Terrestrial Analogs20030066717Analytic SubsidiaryEvolution of Volatile-rich Crater Interior Deposits on Mars20030066670Analytic SubsidiaryFactors Controlling the Position of the Martian Magnetic Pileup Boundary20030066568Analytic SubsidiaryMars Photochemistry: Weak Points and Search for Solutions20030066659Analytic SubsidiaryMRO's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE): Science Expectations20030066599Analytic SubsidiaryObservations of the Mars Polar Vortex20030066605Analytic SubsidiaryThe SEIS Experiment: A Mars Seismic Package20030066646Analytic SubsidiaryPolar Dunes Resolved by the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Gridded Topography and Pulse Widths20030066640Analytic SubsidiaryIgneous and Aqueous Processes on Mars: Evidence from Measurements of K and Th by the Mars Odyssey Gamma Ray Spectrometer20030066721Analytic SubsidiaryFine-grained Goethite as a Precursor for Martian Gray Hematite20030066679Analytic SubsidiaryInvestigating Surface Mineralogy, Alteration Processes, and Biomarkers on Mars Using Laser Raman Spectroscopy20030066636Analytic SubsidiaryVertical Distribution of Shallow Water in the Distinguishable Regions at Low and High Latitudes of Mars: Neutron Data Deconvolution of HEND20030066700Analytic SubsidiaryHigh Spectral Resolution Spectroscopy of Mars from 2 to 4 Microns: Surface Mineralogy and the Atmosphere20030066758Analytic SubsidiaryThe Design and Implementation of Instruments for Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Sounding of the Martian Subsurface20030066622Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Underground Mole (MUM): A Subsurface Penetration Device with In Situ Infrared Reflectance and Raman Spectroscopic Sensing Capability20030066652Analytic SubsidiaryTES Limb-Geometry Observations of Aerosols20030066805Analytic SubsidiaryDevelopment and Testing of Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for the Mars Rover Program: Elemental Analyses at Stand-Off Distances20030066539Analytic SubsidiaryWater Ice Clouds in the Martian Atmosphere: A Comparison of Two Methods and Eras20030066757Analytic SubsidiaryMRO High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE): Instrument Development20030066709Analytic SubsidiaryTHEMIS Observations of Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Depth20030066748Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterizing the Oxidizing Properties of Mars' Polar Regions20030066593Analytic SubsidiaryHydrophobic Surfaces of Spacecraft Components Enhance the Aggregation of Microorganisms and May Lead to Higher Survival Rates on Mars20030066733Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of Properties of the North Polar Layered Deposits: THEMIS Data in Context of MGS Data20030066696Analytic SubsidiaryPhysical Alteration of Martian Dust Grains, Its Influence on Detection of Clays and Identification of Aqueous Processes on Mars20030066790Analytic SubsidiaryPost Impact Mars Climate Simulations Using a GCM20030066531 - 20030066810, 20030067624Analytic Subsidiary