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the building blocks of materials: gathering knowledge at the molecular levelTwo start-up positions were created within SD46 to pursue developments in the rapidly expanding areas of biomineralization and nano-technology. As envisioned by Dr. Sandor Lehoczy, the new laboratories to be developed must have the capacity to investigate not only processes associated with the self-assembly of molecules but also the examination of self-assembled structures. For these purposes, laboratories capable of performing the intended function, particularly light scattering spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy were created. What follows then are recent advances arising from the development of these new laboratories. With the implementation of the Atomic Force Microscopy Facility, examples of investigations that determine a correlation between the molecular structure of materials and their macroscopic physical properties are provided. In addition, examples of investigations with particular emphasis on the physical properties of protein crystals, at the molecular level, and subsequent macroscopic characteristics are as provided. Finally, progress in fabrication of technology at the nano-scale levels at the developmental stage is also presented.
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August 21, 2013
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December 1, 2003
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Publication: Biological and Physical Space Research Laboratory 2002 Science Review
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Life Sciences (General)
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