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Redox Conditions on Small BodiesThe Eucrite Parent Body (4 Vesta). The eucrites are basalts that contain approx. 18 wt% FeO and contain trace metal. The eucrites are very depleted in siderophile elements, so it appears that the source regions of these basalts once equilibrated with Fe-Ni metal. Therefore, it is of interest to ask what fo2 is required to precipitate metal from a liquid of eucrite composition. Or in other words, what f02 did eucrites form under? This fo2 has been determined experimentally by and was found to be IW-1. Therefore, eucrites formed at about IW-1. In addition, it is interesting to note that assuming X(sub feo) = alpha(sub FeO) allows calculation of eucrite fo2 (assuming equilibrium with Fe metal). This calculation yields the same result as the experiments to within approx. 0.25 log units, reinforcing this result.
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Jones, J. H.
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
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August 21, 2013
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January 1, 2004
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Publication: Workshop on Oxygen in the Terrestrial Planets
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Lunar And Planetary Science And Exploration
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