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Software Assurance of PLCs Training CourseBeing heavily visually-oriented, I am a firm believer in communication and conveying emotions through the art of color, motion, and transformation. A four-part online training course was created in PowerPoint and needed to be translated over into a Flash format. Issues with the Powerpoint were that the size of the files caused noticeable delays when placed online, there were compatibility issues, and from a composition and design perspective, color schemes and layout left much to be desired. High contrast, pixilated yellow text spiraling and flying on to a background of overly rich hues of blue with cheesy gradient patterns was just not appeasing to my eye, along with the menu directory buttons located at the top resembling blue pills of NyQuil on top of a stale gray border that had nothing to do with the background. The course itself is extremely broad and verbose, and will get monotonous very soon after starting. Moving about the course was very cumbersome as well. efficient by drastically reducing the size (The file size of all four parts of the actual course combined will ultimately not even be a fifth as big as one part of the original PowerPoint alone!); along with that, the course was made to be more interactive and user-friendly, as well as pleasing to the eye. Upon being viewed by fellow co-workers, nothing but positive feedback has been received. When beginning the presentation, onscreen comes a 3' 2" chubby, balding professor, who is a master in his knowledge of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). He introduces himself and presents all of his vast knowledge over PLCs in a fun and innovative manner, making it much easier to acquire the information presented. A Scene Selection feature has been added making it a lot easier to jump from part to part and the back and forth arrows are much easier to utilize, and they are both less obtrusive than its PowerPoint predecessor. The user can also go at their pace, as the presentation pauses after at the end of each statement. computer animation, it was.. .still. ..animation done on a computer. I was able to incorporate my artistic talent and intuitive creativity into it, one thing I am very proficient at doing when it comes to what I do and what I will do in my profession as an artist/computer animator. At first, I felt that there was no place for an artist within a faculty of scientists, engineers, chemists, mathematicians, and programmers, but I managed to fit in quite successfully. My task was to convert the course into a Flash format, which would make it much more My project surprisingly somewhat dealt with my field of interest-though it was not
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Conference Paper
Threatt, Jamarr (Columbus Coll. of Art and Design Columbus, OH, United States)
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August 23, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 2004
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Publication: Research Symposium II
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Computer Programming and Software
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.

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