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Design of Timer Circuit for Dynamic Data SystemThe Branch That I work in is in the Aero Electronic Test Branch, which is part of the Research and Testing Division. The Aero Electronic Test Branch deals with electronic control and instrumentation systems. This branch supports the research and test study of wind tunnels such as the l0x10,9x15, and 8x6. Wind tunnels are used in research to test certain parts of a jet, plane, shuttle or any other flying object in certain test conditions. My assignment is to design a programmable trigger circuit on a 19 standard rack mount that will allow the circuit to latch and hold for a predefined amount of time entered by the user when receiving a signal. It should then re-arm itself within 0.25 seconds after the time is finished. The time should be able to be seen on a display showing the time entered. The time range has to be from 0-600 seconds in 0.01 second increments (600.00). From the information given, counters will be needed to design and build this circuit. A counter, in it s simplest form, is a group of flip flops that can temporarily store bits of information put into the circuit. They can be constructed in many different ways, such as in 4 flip flops (4-bit counter) or 8 flip flops and even higher. Counters are usually cascaded with other counters to reach higher bits, such as 16 or 24 bit counters. The application in which I will use the counters will be to count down from any programmable number that I input either by a keyboard or a thumbwheel. Also, I will use counters that will be used specifically as a frequency divider to divide the pulses that enter the circuit through an input signal from a crystal clock. The pulses will need to be divided so that it will function as a 100Hz clock putting out 100 pulses per second. A switch will be used to load my inputs in and more than likely a button also so that I can stop and hold the count at any point of time. I will use 5 BCD up/down programmable counters, and a certain amount (depending on what kind of "divide by N" counter I use) of frequency dividing counters for the assignment. After the design is carefully made, a task order will be written and then given to the manufacturer to create a rack mount circuit board that will match my specifications given. The applications in which this design will be used for is in the use of the six-component balance signal conditioner for measurement and electronic system control. It can be used as a timer system for the balance signal conditioner in which it does numerous tests for the Wind tunnel research, in which a preset time can be set for how long it performs its tests. Specifically, my design should be applied to the balance signal conditioner used for the 8x6 wind tunnel research. Hopefully this design should aid in more efficient research for the 8x6 wind tunnel.
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Young, Nathaniel, III
(Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical Coll. TX, United States)
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August 23, 2013
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January 1, 2004
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Publication: Research Symposium I
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Electronics And Electrical Engineering
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