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Website of the Systems and Analysis Branch Supported Projects and Graph AnalysisThroughout the past few weeks I have learned a great amount of information about many interesting aspects that go on here at NASA Glenn Research Center Branch 7820. Branch 7820 is the Systems and Analysis Branch. The people involved in this Branch deal with in a nutshell the analysis of propulsion systems for Earth to orbit and space transportation systems. The first project that I had worked on was helping my mentor learn more about lunar geography and the most recommended way to maintain communication for our future lunar missions. During this time I studied the craters of the moon, especially the South Pole, to provide her with information so that she can make decisions. I also researched to provide her with contact information on those people who are specialized in lunar geography so that she may talk to them to find out more in depth information. Most of my time spent here has been helping to develop a comprehensive explanation and background of the different projects our Branch has supported. When I first came to NASA Glenn and started working with the 7820 Branch there website had many holes that needed to be filled in. I have spent numerous weeks researching information about topics such as Project Prometheus itself and one of its components Jupiter s Icy Moons Orbiter (JIMO). I have also done a large amount of research on propulsion systems and how different kinds work. I have learned many facts about Nuclear Electric Propulsion (NEP) all the way to Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP) systems. I will continue to do this until all the holes are filled and find out about Global Integrated Design Environment (GLIDE) and Next Generation Launch technology (NGLT). Since most of my job was providing information to go onto a website I has to learn how to put my information into a HTML format. I had no previous knowledge on how to do that kind of task and had to study how to do it and am now able to create a document in HTML format. There has been reorganizing done here at NASA Glenn and our Branch was moved to another building. Therefore, our library had to be moved with us. I spent time helping to put together the boxes, pack the library, and label them accordingly. This was not an easy task but was an experience in itself. I was able to see old posters that NASA had produced about different space missions and look at Russian map of the US and books on space missions. I was also about to see what was in the library in terms of reference material helped because now I can make use of the information for my research on the website. Throughout my internship my mentor will provide me with graphs to analyze and recreate so that she may use them to her advantage. I will learn from every piece of data that comes my way. Later, I will study and analysis gravity-loss for Earth departure trajectories. Since I haven't done that yet I cannot really describe what 1 will learn or what exactly the project entails. The whole experience has been great and I have no doubt that it will exceed every expectation previously thought.
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Kellerman, Corinne
(Arizona Univ. AZ, United States)
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August 23, 2013
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January 1, 2004
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Publication: Research Symposium I
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Systems Analysis And Operations Research
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