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The Lewice ConsoleLewice (LEWis ICE accretion program) is software used by literally hundreds of users in the aeronautics community for predicting ice shapes, collections efficiencies, and anti-icing heat requirements for aircraft. LEWICE performs its analysis in minutes on a desktop PC, allowing the user to run several parameter studies for design purposes. The ice shape predictions have been used to assess performance degradation both as an input to a CFD program or experimentally in flight or in a wind tunnel. This information is important to ensure an airplane s safe passage through an icing cloud. Currently, Lewice runs as a DOS program that accepts many different inputs such as cloud conditions, wing shapes, and thermal deicing inputs. Usually, such experimental data is stored in spreadsheets. However, Lewice inputs are text files; therefore, they must be generated by the user. Lewice s outputs (collection efficiency, ice shapes and thicknesses) are also text files; to plot the data, users must generate a spreadsheet with this output. Because all Lewice J/O is in the form of text files, using Lewice can be tricky and time-consuming. Our goal was to improve Lewice s usability by creating a user interface that would automatically generate Lewice input from a spreadsheet and automatically put Lewice output into spreadsheets with charts. Additionally, this user interface would automatically convert units (as Lewice only accepts input in certain units) and offer several output options. I call this program the Lewice Console. The Lewice Console is an easy to use interface for Lewice written in Visual Basic. It allows users to run Lewice given a spreadsheet listing experimental conditions. It automatically generates the input to Lewice, does necessary unit conversions, runs Lewice, and produces a spreadsheet with charts plotting the data. It allows users to import data from previously generated Lewice inputs into a spreadsheet. It also allows users to batch run Lewice on several different inputs to automatically generate multiple output spreadsheets. You can also generate plots of actual data vs. experimental data. These capabilities are just the beginning for the Lewice Console. Lewice is capable of running a full deicing experiment given a geometry and heating apparatus information. However, users find it difficult to run such experiments due to the number of inputs and the difficult input file format. The Lewice Console would simplify experiment generation by allowing the user to interactively draw a geometry, place heating apparatus, and specify information about each part. The input to Lewice would be automatically generated from the experiment the user draws on the screen. The Lewice Console would simplify the experiment building process. Currently, Lewice runs as a DOS program that accepts many different inputs such as
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Armstrong, Aaron E.
(Brigham Young Univ. Provo, UT, United States)
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August 23, 2013
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January 1, 2004
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Publication: Research Symposium I
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Computer Programming And Software
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