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Surface Modeling and Grid Generation for Iced Airfoils (SmaggIce)Many of the troubles associated with problem solving are alleviated when there is a model that can be used to represent the problem. Through the Advanced Graphics and Visualization (G-VIS) Laboratory and other facilities located within the Research Analysis Center, the Computer Services Division (CSD) is able to develop and maintain programs and software that allow for the modeling of various situations. For example, the Icing Research Branch is devoted to investigating the effect of ice that forms on the wings and other airfoils of airplanes while in flight. While running tests that physically generate ice and wind on airfoils within the laboratories and wind tunnels on site are done, it would be beneficial if most of the preliminary work could be done outside of the lab. Therefore, individuals from within CSD have collaborated with Icing Research in order to create SmaggIce. This software allows users to create ice patterns on clean airfoils or open files containing a variety of icing situations, manipulate and measure these forms, generate, divide, and merge grids around these elements for more explicit analysis, and specify and rediscretize subcurves. With the projected completion date of Summer 2005, the majority of the focus of the Smagglce team is user-functionality and error handling. My primary responsibility is to test the Graphical User Interface (GUI) in SmaggIce in order to ensure the usability and verify the expected results of the events (buttons, menus, etc.) within the program. However, there is no standardized, systematic way in which to test all the possible combinations or permutations of events, not to mention unsolicited events such as errors. Moreover, scripting tests, if not done properly and with a view towards inevitable revision, can result in more apparent errors within the software and in effect become useless whenever the developers of the program make a slight change in the way a specific process is executed. My task therefore requires a brief yet intense study into GUI coverage criteria and creating algorithms for GUI implementation. Nevertheless, there are still heavily graphical features of SmaggIceSmaggIce that must be either corrected or redesigned before its release. A particular feature of SmaggIce is the ability to smooth out curves created by control points that form an arbitrary shape into something more acquiescent to gridding (while maintaining the integrity of the data). This is done by a mathematical model known as Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) curves. Existing NURBS code is written in FORTRAN-77 with static arrays for holding information. My new assignment is to allow for dynamic memory allocation within the code and to make it possible for the developers to call out functions from the NURBS code using C.
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Hammond, Brandy M.
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August 23, 2013
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January 1, 2004
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Publication: Research Symposium I
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