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Synthesis, Structure, and Transport Properties of YbSb2Te4 and YbSb4Te7 for Thermoelectric ApplicationsVery little work has been done in the Yb-Sb-Te system of compounds. Exploratory synthesis of various compounds in the system has been performed in the search for new thermoelectric materials. The compounds in the system were examined due to the fact that the system is known to act as a concentrated Kondo system, a heavy fermion. Heavy fermions are known to possess high densities of state which are useful in thermoelectric applications. TWO compounds in the system, YbSb2Te4 and YbSb4Te7, have been successfully synthesized in bulk by two methods: low temperature mechanical alloying and high temperature direct synthesis. The Hall mobility, Seebeck coefficient, electrical resistivity, and thermal conductivity were measured on both the unannealed and annealed compounds up to 550 C to determine the dimensionless thermoelectric figure of merit, ZT. The results indicate that both compounds make promising candidates for use in thermoelectric devices.
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Conference Paper
Guloy, Amado S.
(Texas Univ. Austin, TX, United States)
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August 23, 2013
Publication Date
August 1, 2005
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Publication: Summer Student Research Presentations
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Chemistry And Materials (General)
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