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Actuation of Deformable Mirrors Using Laser Controlled PistonsCurrent deformable mirrors used for adaptive optics employ many actuators to adjust the mirror in order to compensate for optical irregularities. These mechanical actuators, which can number in the hundreds for a given mirror, require a significant amount of electrical wires in order to be controlled. The objective of this research is to implement a different type of actuator that can be controlled without the use of wires. The actuator developed employs a laser to quickly heat and expand the air in a closed "cell." When the air expands, it pushes a membrane that causes the mirror to move. Creating an array of these cells, and scanning them with a laser can control a deformable mirror. Testing showed that a single cell with a 5-mm diameter and 10-mm length can deflect a membrane of aluminized mylar in excess of our minimum requirement of 20 microns. These cells can now be assembled in a 5x5 matrix and attached to many small Mirrors. An electro-mechanical scanning assembly can be used to aim the laser directly onto individual cells causing the mirror at that location to move.
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Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Scott, Charles E.
(Boise State Univ. Boise, ID, United States)
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August 23, 2013
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August 1, 2005
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Publication: Summer Student Research Presentations
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Lasers And Masers
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