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Journal of Gravitational Physiology, Volume 12, Number 1The following topics were covered: System Specificity in Responsiveness to Intermittent -Gx Gravitation during Simulated Microgravity in Rats; A Brief Overview of Animal Hypergravity Studies; Neurovestibular Adaptation to Short Radius Centrifugation; Effect of Artificial Gravity with Exercise Load by Using Short-Arm Centrifuge with Bicycle Ergometer as a Countermeasure Against Disused Osteoporosis; Perception of Body Vertical in Microgravity during Parabolic Flight; Virtual Environment a Behavioral and Countermeasure Tool for Assisted Gesture in Weightlessness: Experiments during Parabolic Flight; Artificial Gravity: Physiological Perspectives for Long-Term Space Exploration; Comparison of the Effects of DL-threo-Beta-Benzyloxyaspartate on the Glutamate Release from Synaptosomes before and after Exposure of Rats to Artificial Gravity; Do Perception and Postrotatory Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Share the Same Gravity Reference?; Vestibular Adaptation to Changing Gravity Levels and the Orientation of Listing's Plane; Compound Mechanism Hypothesis on +Gz - Induced Brain Injury and Dysfunction of Learning and Memory; Environmental Challenge Impairs Prefrontal Brain Functions; Effect of 6-Days of Support Withdrawal on Characteristics of Balance Function; Hypergravity-Induced Changes of Neuronal Activities in CA1 Region of Rat Hippocampus; Audiological Findings in Antiorthostatic Position Modelling Microgravitation; Investigating Human Cognitive Performance during Spaceflight; The Relevance of the Minimization of Torque Exchange with the Environment in Weightlessness is Confirmed by Asimulation Study; Characteristics of the Eyes Pursuit Function during Readaptation to Terrestrial Gravity after Prolonged Flights Aboard the International Space Station; Comparison of Cognitive Performance Tests for Promethazine Pharmacodynamics in Human Subjects; Structural Reappraisal of Dendritic Tree of Cerebellar Purkinje Cell for Novel Functional Modeling of Elementary Sensorimotor Adaptive Processes; Orpheus 0 G or Ear in Microgravity to Establish Symptoms Concomittant of Inner and Middle Ear and Osteoporosis in Microgravity; Understanding Visual Perception in the Perspective of Gravity; Cortical Regions Associated with Orthostatic Stress in Conscious Humans; Restoration of Central Blood Volume: Application of a Simple Concept and Simple Device to Counteract Cardiovascular Instability in Syncope and Hemorrhage; WISE-2005: Integrative Cardiovascular Responses with LBNP during 60-Day Bed Rest in Women; Intracranial Pressure Increases during Weightlessness. A Parabolic Flights Study; Lower Limb & Portal Veins Echography for Predicting Risk of Thrombosis during a 90-D Bed Rest; Calf Tissue Liquid Stowage and Muscular and Deep Vein Distension in Orthostatic Tests after a 90-Day Head Down Bed Rest; Morphology of Brain Vessels in the Tail Suspended Rats Exposed to Intermittent 2 G; Alterations in Vasoreactivity of Femoral Artery Induced by Hindlimb Unweighting are Related to the Changes of Contractile Protein in Rats; and Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia: A Marker of Decreased Parasympathetic Modulation after Short Duration.
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Other - Journal Issue
Fuller, Charles A.
Cogoli, Augusto
Hargens, Alan R.
Smith, Arthur H.
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August 23, 2013
Publication Date
July 1, 2005
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ISSN: 1077-9248
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Life Sciences (General)
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27th Annual International Gravitational Physiology Meeting(Osaka)
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