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Performance and Operational Characteristics for a Dual Brayton Space Power System With Common Gas InventoryThis paper provides an analytical evaluation on the operation and performance of a dual Brayton common gas system. The NASA Glenn Research Center in-house computer program Closed Cycle System Simulation (CCSS) was used to construct a model of two identical 50 kWe-class recuperated closed-Brayton-cycle (CBC) power conversion units that share a common gas inventory and single heat source. As operating conditions for each CBC change, the total gas inventory is redistributed between the two units and overall system performance is affected. Several steady-state off-design operating points were analyzed by varying turbine inlet temperature and turbo-alternator shaft rotational speed to investigate the interaction of the two units.
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Technical Memorandum (TM)
Johnson, Paul K.
(Analex Corp. Brook Park, OH, United States)
Mason, Lee S.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Date Acquired
September 7, 2013
Publication Date
November 1, 2006
Subject Category
Spacecraft Propulsion And Power
Report/Patent Number
AIAA Paper-2006-4167
Meeting Information
Fourth International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference and Exhibit (IECEC)(San Diego, CA)
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WBS: WBS 463169.04.03
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