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Modeling and Flight Data Analysis of Spacecraft Dynamics with a Large Solar Array PaddleThe Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) was launched on January 24 2006 and has been operated successfully since then. This satellite has the attitude dynamics characterized by three large flexible structures, four large moving components, and stringent attitude/pointing stability requirements. In particular, it has one of the largest solar array paddles. Presented in this paper are flight data analyses and modeling of spacecraft attitude motion induced by the large solar array paddle. On orbit attitude dynamics was first characterized and summarized. These characteristic motions associated with the solar array paddle were identified and assessed. These motions are thermally induced motion, the pitch excitation by the paddle drive, and the role excitation. The thermally induced motion and the pitch excitation by the paddle drive were modeled and simulated to verify the mechanics of the motions. The control law updates implemented to mitigate the attitude vibrations are also reported.
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Conference Paper
Iwata, Takanori
(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Tsukuba, Japan)
Maeda, Ken
(Nippon Electric Co. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan)
Hoshino, Hiroki
(NEC Toshiba Space Systems Ltd. Tokyo, Japan)
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August 24, 2013
Publication Date
September 24, 2007
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Publication: Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics
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Spacecraft Design, Testing And Performance
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