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Stirling System Modeling for Space Nuclear Power SystemsA dynamic model of a high-power Stirling convertor has been developed for space nuclear power systems modeling. The model is based on the Component Test Power Convertor (CTPC), a 12.5-kWe free-piston Stirling convertor. The model includes the fluid heat source, the Stirling convertor, output power, and heat rejection. The Stirling convertor model includes the Stirling cycle thermodynamics, heat flow, mechanical mass-spring damper systems, and the linear alternator. The model was validated against test data. Both nonlinear and linear versions of the model were developed. The linear version algebraically couples two separate linear dynamic models; one model of the Stirling cycle and one model of the thermal system, through the pressure factors. Future possible uses of the Stirling system dynamic model are discussed. A pair of commercially available 1-kWe Stirling convertors is being purchased by NASA Glenn Research Center. The specifications of those convertors may eventually be incorporated into the dynamic model and analysis compared to the convertor test data. Subsequent potential testing could include integrating the convertors into a pumped liquid metal hot-end interface. This test would provide more data for comparison to the dynamic model analysis.
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Conference Paper
Lewandowski, Edward J.
(Sest, Inc. Middleburgh Heights, OH, United States)
Johnson, Paul K.
(Analex Corp. Cleveland, OH, United States)
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August 24, 2013
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June 1, 2008
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Mechanical Engineering
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SNC-Paper- 2056
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Space Nuclear Conference 2007 (SNC ''07)(Boston, MA)
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WBS: WBS 138494.04.01.01
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