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High Conductivity Carbon-Carbon Heat Pipes for Light Weight Space Power System RadiatorsBased on prior successful fabrication and demonstration testing of a carbon-carbon heat pipe radiator element with integral fins this paper examines the hypothetical extension of the technology via substitution of high thermal conductivity composites which would permit increasing fin length while still maintaining high fin effectiveness. As a result the specific radiator mass could approach an ultimate asymptotic minimum value near 1.0 kg/m2, which is less than one fourth the value of present day satellite radiators. The implied mass savings would be even greater for high capacity space and planetary surface power systems, which may require radiator areas ranging from hundreds to thousands of square meters, depending on system power level.
Document ID
Acquisition Source
Glenn Research Center
Document Type
Technical Memorandum (TM)
Juhasz, Albert J.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Date Acquired
August 24, 2013
Publication Date
October 1, 2008
Subject Category
Fluid Mechanics And Thermodynamics
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Meeting Information
Meeting: 6th Annual International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC)
Location: Cleveland, OH
Country: United States
Start Date: July 28, 2008
End Date: July 30, 2008
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WBS: WBS 850661.04.01.03
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