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Control of Vortex Breakdown in Critical Swirl Regime Using Azimuthal ForcingWe finally go back to the four swirl cases and see how the flow responds to either forcing m = -1 or m = -2. On the left we see the flow forced at m = -1 We see that the PVC locks onto the applied forcing also for lower swirl number causing this high TKE at the jet center. The amplification of this instability causes VB to occur at a lower swirl number. The opposite can be seen when forcing the flow at m=-2 which is basically growing in the outer shear layer causing VB to move downstream . There is no energy at the center of the vortex showing that the precessing has been damped. The mean flow is most altered at the swirl numbers were VB is unstable.
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Conference Paper
Oberleithner, Kilian
(Technische Univ. Berlin, Germany)
Lueck, Martin
(Technische Univ. Berlin, Germany)
Paschereit, Christian Oliver
(Technische Univ. Berlin, Germany)
Wygnanski, Israel
(Technische Univ. Berlin, Germany)
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August 24, 2013
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February 1, 2010
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Publication: Minnowbrook VI: 2009 Workshop on Flow Physics and Control for Internal and External Aerodynamics
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