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Flow Control on Low-Pressure Turbine Airfoils Using Vortex Generator JetsMotivation - Higher loading on Low-Pressure Turbine (LPT) airfoils: Reduce airfoil count, weight, cost. Increase efficiency, and Limited by suction side separation. Growing understanding of transition, separation, wake effects: Improved models. Take advantage of wakes. Higher lift airfoils in use. Further loading increases may require flow control: Passive: trips, dimples, etc. Active: plasma actuators, vortex generator jets (VGJs). Can increased loading offset higher losses on high lift airfoils. Objectives: Advance knowledge of boundary layer separation and transition under LPT conditions. Demonstrate, improve understanding of separation control with pulsed VGJs. Produce detailed experimental data base. Test and develop computational models.
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Conference Paper
Volino, Ralph J.
(Naval Academy Annapolis, MD, United States)
Ibrahim, Mounir B.
(Cleveland State Univ. Cleveland, OH, United States)
Kartuzova, Olga
(Cleveland State Univ. Cleveland, OH, United States)
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August 24, 2013
Publication Date
February 1, 2010
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Publication: Minnowbrook VI: 2009 Workshop on Flow Physics and Control for Internal and External Aerodynamics
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