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Final Plenary Session TranscriptLet s start with the report - as you know - when we are talking about flow control it is a multi-disciplinary type of work. So it involves many people and disciplines. This group first discussed the important issues associated with flow control. As you start doing flow control what are the issues to which you really have to start paying attention? That is the first part I am going to present. Then in the second part I will present some challenges - problems that we should really be looking at. So as far as the issues - if you want to control a flow, you really need to understand the flow physics, because anything that you do comes from the flow physics. The design of the controllers, your decisions on the actuators, sensors, reduced order modeling and all of that, would be helped if you understand flow physics. And you have to have a specific objective - what exactly are you controlling? Are you trying to reduce drag, eliminate separation, reduce noise, enhance mixing? So you have to have very specific control objectives. From all the talks we have seen here actuation is extremely important and it is very problem specific. It depends on what problem you are dealing with so you have to design and build actuators for that specific problem. Sensors obviously are very important, especially when you are dealing with feedback control. Consensus was that when you dealing with flow control, you must take an integrated approach; from the beginning you have to take into account every aspect of it and even maybe to modify your experiment, your geometry, to go along with the actuation, sensors and control models. Development of tools is very important in this multi-disciplinary problem. The tools include CFD, reduced order modeling, controller design, understanding and utilizing the instabilities of the flow, etc. So, in order to have success in flow control, we really need to develop these tools.
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Publication: Minnowbrook VI: 2009 Workshop on Flow Physics and Control for Internal and External Aerodynamics
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