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NASA Tech Briefs, December 2006Topic include: Inferring Gear Damage from Oil-Debris and Vibration Data; Forecasting of Storm-Surge Floods Using ADCIRC and Optimized DEMs; User Interactive Software for Analysis of Human Physiological Data; Representation of Serendipitous Scientific Data; Automatic Locking of Laser Frequency to an Absorption Peak; Self-Passivating Lithium/Solid Electrolyte/Iodine Cells; Four-Quadrant Analog Multipliers Using G4-FETs; Noise Source for Calibrating a Microwave Polarimeter; Hybrid Deployable Foam Antennas and Reflectors; Coating MCPs with AlN and GaN; Domed, 40-cm-Diameter Ion Optics for an Ion Thruster; Gesture-Controlled Interfaces for Self-Service Machines; Dynamically Alterable Arrays of Polymorphic Data Types; Identifying Trends in Deep Space Network Monitor Data; Predicting Lifetime of a Thermomechanically Loaded Component; Partial Automation of Requirements Tracing; Automated Synthesis of Architecture of Avionic Systems; SSRL Emergency Response Shore Tool; Wholly Aromatic Ether-Imides as n-Type Semiconductors; Carbon-Nanotube-Carpet Heat-Transfer Pads; Pulse-Flow Microencapsulation System; Automated Low-Gravitation Facility Would Make Optical Fibers; Alignment Cube with One Diffractive Face; Graphite Composite Booms with Integral Hinges; Tool for Sampling Permafrost on a Remote Planet; and Special Semaphore Scheme for UHF Spacecraft Communications.
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August 25, 2013
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December 1, 2006
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Man/System Technology And Life Support
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