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Multi-Partner Experiment to Test Volcanic-Ash Ingestion by a Jet EngineA research team of U.S. Government agencies and engine manufacturers are designing an experiment to test volcanic-ash ingestion by a NASA owned F117 engine that was donated by the U.S. Air Force. The experiment is being conducted under the auspices of NASA s Vehicle Integrated Propulsion Research (VIPR) Program and will take place in early 2014 at Edwards AFB in California as an on-ground, on-wing test. The primary objectives are to determine the effect on the engine of several hours of exposure to low to moderate ash concentrations, currently proposed at 1 and 10 mg/m3 and to evaluate the capability of engine health management technologies for detecting these effects. A natural volcanic ash will be used that is representative of distal ash clouds many 100's to approximately 1000 km from a volcanic source i.e., the ash should be composed of fresh glassy particles a few tens of microns in size. The glassy ash particles are expected to soften and become less viscous when exposed to the high temperatures of the combustion chamber, then stick to the nozzle guide vanes of the high-pressure turbine. Numerous observations and measurements of the engine s performance and degradation will be made during the course of the experiment, including borescope and tear-down inspections. While not intended to be sufficient for rigorous certification of engine performance when ash is ingested, the experiment should provide useful information to aircraft manufacturers, airline operators, and military and civil regulators in their efforts to evaluate the range of risks that ash hazards pose to aviation.
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Lekki, John
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Lyall, Eric
(Air Force Research Lab. Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, United States)
Guffanti, Marianne
(Geological Survey Reston, VA, United States)
Fisher, John
(Federal Aviation Administration MA, United States)
Erlund, Beth
(Rolls-Royce Ltd. Derby, United Kingdom)
Clarkson, Rory
(Rolls-Royce Ltd. Derby, United Kingdom)
van de Wall, Allan
(General Electric Co. Cincinnati, OH, United States)
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August 27, 2013
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March 11, 2013
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Aircraft Propulsion And Power
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6th International Workshop on Volcanic Ash(Citeko)
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WBS: WBS 284848.
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