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How to Develop and Interpret a Credibility Assessment of Numerical Models for Human Research: NASA-STD-7009 DemystifiedIn the wake of the Columbia accident, the NASA-STD-7009 [1] credibility assessment was developed as a unifying platform to describe model credibility and the uncertainties in its modeling predictions. This standard is now being adapted by NASAs Human Research Program to cover a wide range of numerical models for human research. When used properly, the standard can improve the process of code development by encouraging the use of best practices. It can also give management more insight in making informed decisions through a better understanding of the models capabilities and limitations.To a newcomer, the abstractions presented in NASA-STD-7009 and the sheer volume of information that must be absorbed can be overwhelming. This talk is aimed at describing the credibility assessment, which is the heart of the standard, in plain terms. It will outline how to develop a credibility assessment under the standard. It will also show how to quickly interpret the graphs and tables that result from the assessment and how to drill down from the top-level view to the foundation of the assessment. Finally, it will highlight some of the resources that are available for further study.
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Glenn Research Center
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Nelson, Emily S.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Mulugeta, Lealem
(Universities Space Research Association Houston, TX, United States)
Walton, Marlei
(Wyle Integrated Science and Engineering Group Houston, TX, United States)
Myers, Jerry G.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Date Acquired
December 11, 2014
Publication Date
February 11, 2014
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Numerical Analysis
Computer Programming And Software
Aerospace Medicine
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Meeting: Human Research Program Investigators Workshop
Location: Galveston, TX
Country: United States
Start Date: February 11, 2014
End Date: February 13, 2014
Sponsors: NASA Johnson Space Center, National Space Biomedical Research Inst., Universities Space Research Association
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WBS: WBS 516724.02.02.10
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Public Use Permitted.
numerical analysis
aerospace medicine
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