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A Combustion Research Facility for Testing Advanced Materials for Space ApplicationsThe test facility presented herein uses a groundbased rocket combustor to test the durability of new ceramic composite and metallic materials in a rocket engine thermal environment. A gaseous H2/02 rocket combustor (essentially a ground-based rocket engine) is used to generate a high temperature/high heat flux environment to which advanced ceramic and/or metallic materials are exposed. These materials can either be an integral part of the combustor (nozzle, thrust chamber etc) or can be mounted downstream of the combustor in the combustor exhaust plume. The test materials can be uncooled, water cooled or cooled with gaseous hydrogen.
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Acquisition Source
Glenn Research Center
Document Type
Conference Paper
Bur, Michael J.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Date Acquired
July 2, 2015
Publication Date
January 6, 2003
Subject Category
Ground Support Systems And Facilities (Space)
Report/Patent Number
AIAA Paper 2003-6866
Meeting Information
Meeting: AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit
Location: Reno, NV
Country: United States
Start Date: January 6, 2003
End Date: January 9, 2003
Sponsors: American Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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WBS: WBS 22-772-10-34
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.
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