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Advancing Torpor Inducing Transfer Habitats for Human Stasis to MarsSpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) has conducted an evaluation of an advanced habitat system designed to transportcrews between the Earth and Mars. This new and innovative habitat concept is capable of placing crew members ininactive, torpor states during transit phases of a deep space mission. This substantially reduces the mass and size ofthe habitat, which ultimately leads to significant reductions in the overall architecture size.Our approach for achieving this is based on extending the current and evolving medical practice of TherapeuticHypothermia (TH) - a proven and effective treatment for various traumatic injuries. TH is a medical treatment thatlowers a patient's body temperature by just 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit causing human metabolic rate to decreasesignificantly and the body to enter an unconscious state. This method avoids the intractable challenges often associatedwith cell metabolic cessation through cryogenic freezing and other highly speculative approaches.The initial results obtained from the research and analysis conducted in the Phase I effort warranted further study ofthis concept and technology. The specific objectives of the continued work include:1. Addressing critical medical aspects and risks for inducing torpor via Therapeutic Hypothermia and theapproach for providing nutrition and hydration for the crew during torpor. 2. Focusing on mitigation aspects and technology potential for solving key human spaceflight challenges. 3. Addressing critical engineering aspects of the design that may impact the initial performance and cost resultsobtained in Phase I. 4. Examining the broader extensibility and enabling capabilities of this concept through applicability toadditional exploration missions beyond Mars. 5. Establishing a technology development roadmap, addressing both medical and engineering aspects, thatindicate a logical and scientifically achievable path forward for maturation of this technology.
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Bradford, J.
(SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. Dunwoody, GA, United States)
Merrel, B.
(SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. Dunwoody, GA, United States)
Schaffer, M.
(SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. Dunwoody, GA, United States)
Williams. C.
(SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. Dunwoody, GA, United States)
Talk, D.
(SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. Dunwoody, GA, United States)
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October 30, 2018
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June 30, 2018
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Man/System Technology And Life Support
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