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Overview and Evaluation of a Computational Bone Physiology Modeling Toolchain and Its Application to Testing of Exercise CountermeasuresProlonged microgravity exposure disrupts natural bone remodeling processes and can lead to a significant loss of bone strength, increasing injury risk during missions and placing astronauts at a greater risk of bone fracture later in life. Resistance-based exercise during missions is used to combat bone loss, but current exercise countermeasures do not completely mitigate the effects of microgravity. To address this concern, we present work to develop a personalizable, site-specific computational modeling toolchain of bone remodeling dynamics to understand and estimate changes in volumetric bone mineral density (BMD) in response to microgravity-induced bone unloading and in-flight exercise. The toolchain is evaluated against data collected from subjects in a 70-day bedrest study and is found to provide insight into the amount of exercise stimulus needed to minimize bone loss, quantitatively predicting post-study volumetric BMD of control subjects who did not perform exercise, and qualitatively predicting the effects of exercise. Results suggest that, with additional data, the toolchain could be improved to aid in developing customized in-flight exercise regimens and predict exercise effectiveness.
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Glenn Research Center
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Technical Memorandum (TM)
Schepelmann, Alexander
(ZIN Technologies, Inc. Middleburg Heights, OH, United States)
Werner, Christopher R.
(ZIN Technologies, Inc. Middleburg Heights, OH, United States)
Pennline, James A.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Lewandowski, Beth E.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Mulugeta, Lealem
(Universities Space Research Association (USRA) Houston, TX, United States)
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June 25, 2019
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June 1, 2019
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Aerospace Medicine
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WBS: 836404.01.02.10
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