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Run Time Assurance as an Alternate Concept to Contemporary Development Assurance ProcessesNASA and the FAA sought industry research to identify and evaluate alternate concepts for assuring safety of airborne systems. This report documents a research effort focused on the evaluation of Run Time Assurance (RTA) as applied to a novel, airborne system architecture. The RTA pattern is applied to a case study focused on a notional integrated flight and propulsion control system for a DEP VTOL aircraft. During flight, while the high-automation algorithms are operating, the RTA system will monitor the aircraft state for any impending violation of safety requirements. When necessary, it will switch to the low-automation software to prevent such violations. Assurance practices for both baseline industry activities and the RTA approach were captured and compared to illustrate the required engineering design considerations, and possible advantages and disadvantages of each approach as part of this case study.
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Langley Research Center
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Contractor Report (CR)
Eric M. Peterson
(Electron International II, Inc.)
Michael DeVore
(Barron Associates (United States) Charlottesville, Virginia, United States)
Jared Cooper
(Barron Associates (United States) Charlottesville, Virginia, United States)
Greg Carr
(Architecture Technology Corporation (United States) Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States)
Date Acquired
April 29, 2020
Publication Date
April 1, 2020
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Air Transportation And Safety
Computer Programming And Software
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TASK: 80LARC18F0193
WBS: 340428.
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