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Navigation and Mission Design for Low-Thrust Insertion into Near Rectilinear Halo OrbitsNear Rectilinear Halo Orbits, the target of NASA’s Gateway, are slightly unstable and therefore require minimal insertion delta-V. This makes insertion using highly efficient low-thrust systems a viable and attractive option; however, it also may require the spacecraft to approach the insertion on a dynamically sensitive trajectory with multiple perilune passes. This study focuses on a low-thrust NRHO insertion from a spiral-out, Earth-to-Moon transfer that involves this type of dynamically sensitive approach. Correction maneuver and navigation strategies are found that are robust to initial state, navigation, and maneuver execution errors prior to and through insertion. Further, it is demonstrated that these maneuver and navigation strategies allow the spacecraft to transition to nominal NRHO stationkeeping after insertion, without the need for specially designed clean-up maneuvers or a significant amount of additional delta-V.
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Conference Paper
Ethan W Kayser (Advanced Space, LLC)
Michael R Thompson (Advanced Space, LLC)
Matthew J Bolliger (Advanced Space, LLC)
Nathan P Re (Advanced Space, LLC)
Diane C Davis (ai solutions Dallas, Texas, United States)
Melissa L Mcguire (Glenn Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
Steven L Mccarty (Glenn Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
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November 16, 2021
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Spacecraft Instrumentation and Astrionics
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32nd AIAA/AAS SpaceFlight Mechanics Meeting(San Diego, CA)
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