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Failure Modes and Mitigation Strategies for a Turboelectric Aircraft Concept with Turbine Electrified Energy ManagementThe electrification of gas turbine engines represents a major step-change in aircraft propulsion systems commonly known as Electrified Aircraft Propulsion (EAP). EAP involves the integration of electric machines potentially functioning as generators for large scale power extraction, as motors providing electrical augmentation of the engine spools, and even as a means of driving propulsors beyond the immediate scope of the engine. It may also include the use of energy storage. These and other characteristics of hybrid electric propulsion systems are relatively new to aircraft propulsion. The expanded propulsion architecture can be leveraged to improve propulsive efficiency and achieve better vehicle aerodynamics and controllability. It can also allow for additional benefits such as those enabled through Turbine Electrified Energy Management (TEEM). As the propulsion system and its functions expand, new failure modes are introduced. Due to the highly coupled nature of the propulsion system, failures could propagate throughout the system in ways that are unique to the new EAP architectures. To build confidence in the safety and practicality of EAP concepts, these failure modes need to be identified, explored, and addressed through mitigation strategies. This paper seeks to evaluate failure modes and failure mitigation strategies for the EAP concept known as the Single aisle Turboelectric AiRCaft with Aft Boundary Layer propulsor (STARC-ABL). The TEEM control concept is applied to improve transient operability. Several failure modes are considered and control based failure mitigation strategies are proposed with the goal of retaining operability and overall thrust. The results demonstrate the ability to maintain operability and a substantial amount of thrust in the event of various types of failures. Some challenges are also identified and discussed.
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Glenn Research Center
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Conference Paper
Jonathan L Kratz
(Glenn Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
Donald L Simon
(Glenn Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
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November 26, 2021
Subject Category
Aircraft Propulsion And Power
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Meeting: AIAA SciTech Forum
Location: San Diego, CA
Country: US
Start Date: January 3, 2022
End Date: January 7, 2022
Sponsors: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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WBS: 081876.
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Turbine Electrified Energy Management
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