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Analysis of Electrical Grid Capacity by Interconnection for Urban Air MobilityA wide range of challenges must be overcome to conduct Urban Air Mobility (UAM)operations at scale with electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft as envisioned. This paper documents an analysis of one potential infrastructure challenge for UAM: available electrical grid power capacity. The success of UAM depends on the availability of electricity, which will be increasingly impacted by the proliferation of ground electric vehicles(EVs) over time. Under the best-case assumption that electricity can be transmitted and distributed as needed within each interconnection (i.e., electrical grid), it is estimated that the maximum number of UAM aircraft that can charge simultaneously in the continental United States will decrease by 20% from about 595 thousand in the year 2021 to about 475 thousand in the year 2050due to the projected increase in ground EVs.
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Conference Paper
David P Thipphavong
(Ames Research Center Mountain View, California, United States)
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May 2, 2022
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Air Transportation And Safety
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AIAA AVIATION Forum 2022(Chicago, IL/virtual)
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PROJECT: 629660
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electrical grid
urban air mobility
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