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Advanced 2030 Turboprop Aircraft Modeling for the Electrified Powertrain Flight Demonstration ProgramElectrified aircraft propulsion concepts are rapidly emerging due to their huge potential in fuel saving and mitigating negative environmental impact. In order to perform a linear technology progression and fairly assess the impacts of powertrain electrification, it is important to first establish parametric state-of-the-art baseline vehicle models with advanced technologies matured by 2030. For a regional turboprop (50-passenger) size class and a thin haul (19-passenger) turboprop size class, a current state-of-the-art technology reference aircraft (TRA) is identified and modeled using a multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization environment. Viable technologies for airframe and conventional propulsion system are then identified which are expected to be available by 2030. These technologies are parametrically infused in the TRA models to create advanced technology aircraft models, which will serve as the baseline models for future studies of powertrain electrification.
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Glenn Research Center
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Contractor or Grantee Report
Yu Cai
(Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Jiacheng Xie
(Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Gokcin Cinar
(University of Michigan)
Dimitri N. Mavris
(Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Date Acquired
March 9, 2023
Publication Date
March 31, 2023
Subject Category
Aircraft Propulsion and Power
Meeting Information
Meeting: AIAA/IEEE Electric Aircraft Technologies Symposium (EATS)
Location: Anaheim, CA
Country: US
Start Date: June 15, 2022
End Date: June 17, 2022
Sponsors: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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WBS: 770848.
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Public Use Permitted.
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electrified aircraft propulsion
hybrid electric propulsion
electric propulsion
turboprop aircraft
aircraft modeling
aero technology
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