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Biomechanical Modeling of the Deadlift Exercise on the HULK Device to Improve the Efficacy of Resistive Exercise Microgravity Countermeasures
Document ID: 20170000665
NTRS Full-Text: Click to View  [PDF Size: 1.1 MB]
Author: Jagodnik, K. M.; Thompson, W. K.; Gallo, C. A.; Crentsil, L.; Funk, J. H.; Funk, N. W.; Perusek, G. P.; Sheehan, C. C.; Lewandowski, B. E.
Abstract: Extended spaceflight typically results in the loss of muscular strength and bone density due to hide
Publication Year: 2016
Document Type: Oral/Visual Presentation
Report/Patent Number: GRC-E-DAA-TN29808
Date Acquired: Jan 25, 2017
Estimated Muscle Loads During Squat Exercise in Microgravity Conditions
Document ID: 20130000723
NTRS Full-Text: Click to View  [PDF Size: 63 KB]
Author: Fregly, Christopher D.; Kim, Brandon T.; Li, Zhao; DeWitt, John K.; Fregly, Benjamin J.
Abstract: Loss of muscle mass in microgravity is one of the primary factors limiting long-term space flight. hide
Publication Year: 2012
Document Type: Preprint
Report/Patent Number: JSC-CN-25565
Date Acquired: Jan 11, 2013
Treadmill Exercise Within LBNP as an Integrated Coutermeasure to Microgravity
Document ID: 20100015381
Author: Lee, Stuart; Hargens, A. R.; Schneider, S. M.; Watenpaugh, D. E.
Abstract: An integrated exercise countermeasure for microgravity is needed to protect multiple physiologic hide
Publication Year: 2010
Document Type: Conference Paper
Report/Patent Number: JSC-CN-20375
Date Acquired: Apr 20, 2010
Lower Body Negative Pressure Treadmill Exercise and Resistive Exercise Countermeasures Maintain Physiologic Function in Women during Simulated Microgravity
Document ID: 20080013484
Author: Macias, B. R.; Schneider, S. M.; Lee, S. M. C.; Guinet, P.; Hughson, R. L.; Smith, Scott M.; Watenpaugh, D. E.; Hargens, A. R.
Abstract: We hypothesized that supine LBNP treadmill exercise combined with Flywheel resistive exercise hide
Publication Year: 2008
Document Type: Conference Paper
Report/Patent Number: WISE-200
Date Acquired: Mar 26, 2008
Zero-Gravity Locomotion Simulators: New Ground-Based Analogs for Microgravity Exercise Simulation
Document ID: 20080006841
NTRS Full-Text: Click to View  [PDF Size: 3.4 MB]
Author: Perusek, Gail P.; DeWitt, John K.; Cavanagh, Peter R.; Grodsinsky, Carlos M.; Gilkey, Kelly M.
Abstract: Maintaining health and fitness in crewmembers during space missions is essential for preserving hide
Publication Year: 2007
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Jan 29, 2008
Comparison of V-4 and V-5 Exercise/Oxygen Prebreathe Protocols to Support Extravehicular Activity in Microgravity
Document ID: 20070012343
NTRS Full-Text: Click to View  [PDF Size: 26 KB]
Author: Pollock, N. W.; Natoli, M. J.; Vann, R. D.; Gernhardt, M. L.; Conkin, Johnny
Abstract: The Prebreathe Reduction Program (PRP) used exercise during oxygen prebreathe to reduce necessary hide
Publication Year: 2007
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Apr 02, 2007
WIse-2005: Combined Aerobic and Resistive Exercise May Help Mitigate Bone Loss During 60-D Simulated Microgravity in Women
Document ID: 20060056238
Author: Smith, Scott M.; Zwart, S. R.; Heer, M. A.; Lee, S. M. C.; Macias, B. R.; Schneider, S. M.; Trappe, S. M.; Hargens, A. R.
Abstract: Exercise can attenuate bone loss associated with disuse during bed rest (BR), an analog of space hide
Publication Year: 2006
Document Type: Preprint
Date Acquired: Dec 19, 2006
Development of Countermeasures and Exercise Protocols to Reduce the Effects of Microgravity
Document ID: 20000120583
Author: Kulkarni, Pandurang M.
Abstract: I have helped scientists at NASA-JSC in analyzing data from many projects. Some of the major ones hide
Publication Year: 2000
Document Type: Technical Report
Date Acquired: Dec 22, 2000
Alterations in Skeletal Muscle Function with Microgravity, and the Protective Effects of High Resistance Isometric and Isotonic Exercise
Document ID: 20000020591
Author: Fitts, R. H.; Hurst, J. E.; Norenberg, K. M.; Widrick, J. J.; Riley, D. A.; Bain, J. L. W.; Trappe, S. W.; Trappe, T. A.; Costill, D. L.
Abstract: Exposure to microgravity or models designed to mimic the unloaded condition, such as bed rest in hide
Publication Year: 1999
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Mar 03, 2000
Application of Acute Maximal Exercise to Enhance Mechanisms Underlying Blood Pressure Regulation and Orthostatic Tolerance After Exposure to Simulated Microgravity
Document ID: 20000020546
Author: Convertino, V. A.; Engelke, K. A.; Doerr, D. F.
Abstract: Development of orthostatic hypotension and intolerance in astronauts who return to earth following a hide
Publication Year: 1999
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Mar 03, 2000
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