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Laboratory Astrophysics and Microanalysis with NTD-Germanium-Based X-Ray Microcalorimeter
Document ID: 20030033120
External Online Source:

Author: Silver, E.; Schnopper, H.; Bandler, S.; Murray, S.; Madden, N.; Landis, D.; Beeman, J.; Haller, E.; Barbera, M.; Tucker, G.
Abstract: With the ability to create cosmic plasma conditions in the laboratory it is possible to investigate hide
Publication Year: 2000
Document Type: Preprint
Date Acquired: May 09, 2003
The Mars In-Situ-Propellant-Production Precursor (MIP) Flight Demonstration
Document ID: 20000012715
Author: Kaplan, D. I.; Ratliff, J. E.; Baird, R. S.; Sanders, G. B.; Johnson, K. R.; Karlmann, P. B.; Baraona, C. R.; Landis, G. A.; Jenkins, P. P.; Scheiman, D. A.
Abstract: Strategic planning for human missions of exploration to Mars has conclusively identified insitu hide
Publication Year: 1999
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Feb 11, 2000
A Space Testbed for Photovoltaics
Document ID: 19990071163
Author: Landis, Geoffrey A.; Bailey, Sheila G.
Abstract: The Ohio Aerospace Institute and the NASA Lewis Research Center are designing and building a hide
Publication Year: 1998
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Sep 24, 1999
Two way time transfer results at NRL and USNO
Document ID: 19940006511
Author: Galysh, Ivan J.; Landis, G. Paul
Abstract: The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a two way time transfer modem system for the hide
Publication Year: 1993
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Dec 28, 1995
A new two-way time transfer modem
Document ID: 19920024128
Author: Landis, G. Paul; Galysh, I. J.; Gifford, Guy A.; Osborne, Allen, III
Abstract: The use of commercial communication satellites for precise time transfer has been performed with a hide
Publication Year: 1992
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Nov 07, 1995
GaAs solar cells with V-grooved emitters
Document ID: 19900008438
Author: Bailey, S. G.; Fatemi, N.; Wilt, D. M.; Landis, G. A.; Thomas, R. D.
Abstract: A GaAs solar cell with a V-grooved front surface is described. It shows improved optical coupling hide
Publication Year: 1989
Document Type: Conference Paper
Date Acquired: Nov 06, 1995
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