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Molybdenum-UO2 cermet irradiation at 1145 K.Two molybdenum-uranium dioxide cermet fuel pins with molybdenum clad were fission-heated in a forced-convection helium coolant for sufficient time to achieve 5.3% burnup. The cermet core contained 20 wt % of 93.2% enriched uranium dioxide. The results were as follows: there was no visible change in the appearance of the molybdenum clad during irradiation; the maximum increase in diameter of the fuel pins was 0.8%; there was no migration of uranium dioxide along grain boundaries and no evident interaction between molybdenum and uranium dioxide; and, finally, approximately 12% of the fission gas formed was released from the cermet core into the gas plenum.
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Conference Paper
Mcdonald, G.
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
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August 6, 2013
Publication Date
October 1, 1971
Subject Category
Nuclear Engineering
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American Nuclear Society, Winter Meeting(Miami Beach, FL)
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