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Standard deviation of vertical two-point longitudinal velocity differences in the atmospheric boundary layer.Statistical estimates of wind shear in the planetary boundary layer are important in the design of V/STOL aircraft, and for the design of the Space Shuttle. The data analyzed in this study consist of eleven sets of longitudinal turbulent velocity fluctuation time histories digitized at 0.2 sec intervals with approximately 18,000 data points per time history. The longitudinal velocity fluctuations were calculated with horizontal wind and direction data collected at the 18-, 30-, 60-, 90-, 120-, and 150-m levels. The data obtained confirm the result that Eulerian time spectra transformed to wave-number spectra with Taylor's frozen eddy hypothesis possess inertial-like behavior at wave-numbers well out of the inertial subrange.
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Fichtl, G. H. (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Aero-Astrodynamics Laboratory, Huntsville, Ala., United States)
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August 6, 2013
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December 1, 1971
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Publication: Boundary-Layer Meteorology
Volume: 2
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