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commercial aircraft development and the export marketThe various factors which endanger the future of commercial aircraft development are defined. The factors discussed are: (1) a decline in federally funded research and development programs, (2) a general decline in the economic health of the domestic airlines, (3) the increased cost of development which may be several times the net worth of the company, (4) the development overseas of common market and manufacturing consortia, and (5) foreign manufacturers receiving significant financial support from their national governments. It is stated that unless immediate and innovative solutions to combat these factors are found, the commercial aviation industry will be in serious difficulty.
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Conference Paper
Snodgrass, J.
(Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc. Washington, DC, United States)
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August 7, 2013
Publication Date
July 20, 1972
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Publication: MIT MIT-NASA Workshop on Airline Systems Analysis, Vol. 2
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