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Strength and compressibility of returned lunar soil.Two oedometer and three direct shear tests have been performed in vacuum on a 200 g sample of lunar soil from Apollo 12 (12001, 119). The compressibility data have been used to calculate bulk density and shear wave velocity versus depth on the lunar surface. The shear wave velocity was found to increase approximately with the one-fourth power of the depth, and the results suggest that the Apollo 14 Active Seismic Experiment may not have detected the Fra Mauro formation at a depth of 8.5 m, but only naturally consolidated lunar soil. The shear data indicate that the strength of the lunar soil sample is about 65% that of a ground basalt simulant at the same void ratio.
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Conference Proceedings
Carrier, W. D., III
(NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Houston, Tex., United States)
Bromwell, L. G.
Martin, R. T.
(MIT Cambridge, Mass., United States)
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August 7, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1972
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Space Sciences
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Meeting: Lunar Science Conference
Location: Houston, TX
Start Date: January 10, 1972
End Date: January 13, 1972
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