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Diagnostics of sources of disturbances and distribution of vibrations over the width of a tape in tape-feed mechanismsDisturbances created by certain assemblies and components of tape-feed mechanisms (TFM) and acting on a moving magnetic tape are studied. The method, based on elements of digital logic, is established by stress-strain diagrams of the longitudinal deformations and vibrations across the width of a magnetic tape. Experimental studies were carried out for determination of the functional relationships of longitudinal deformations in a section of magnetic tape to the magnitude of roller play, tension vibrations rate of movement, and elasticity of magnetic tapes. A block diagram of the measurements is shown. Appropriate digital computer algorithms and programs were proposed for statistical analysis of the data obtained. Estimates of the mathematical expectation, dispersion, intercorrelation function, energy spectral density, and distribution pattern of the random process values were calculated.
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Kenstavichyus, A. B. B.
(Kanner (Leo) Associates Redwood City, CA, United States)
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August 7, 2013
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June 1, 1973
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Publication: Cybernetic Diagnostics of Mech. Systems with Vibro-acoustic Phenomena (NASA-TT-F-14899)
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Machine Elements And Processes
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