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Effects of N2O narcosis on the contraction and repayment of an oxygen debtThe oxygen deficit, oxygen debt, and the difference between them were measured in five male and three female subjects during and after exercise while breathing either air or a normoxic mixture containing 33% N2O and nitrogen. With the exception of a higher respiratory quotient at rest in N2O, there were no statistically significant differences for oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, expired gas volume, heart rate or blood lactate while breathing N2O during rest, exercise, or recovery. An appreciably, but not statistically, greater mean oxygen deficit was found in N2O along with a significantly greater mean oxygen debt; deficit-debt difference was unaffected by N2O. It was speculated that N2O narcosis did not affect the ability to utilize oxygen but that the response to the greater oxygen need of exercise may have been slowed with perhaps a concomitant greater depletion of stored high energy compounds.
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Schatte, C. L.
Hall, P.
Fitch, J. W.
Loader, J. E. (Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colo., United States)
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August 7, 2013
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October 1, 1974
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Publication: Aerospace Medicine
Volume: 45
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