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Underwater probing with laser radarRecent advances in laser and electro optics technology have greatly enhanced the feasibility of active optical probing techniques aimed at the remote sensing of water parameters. This paper describes a LIDAR (laser radar) that has been designed and constructed for underwater probing. The influence of the optical properties of water on the general design parameters of a LIDAR system is considered. Discussion of the specific details in the choice of the constructed LIDAR is given. This system utilizes a cavity dumped argon ion laser transmitter capable of 50 watt peak powers, 10 nanosecond pulses and megahertz pulse repetition rates at 10 different wavelengths in the blue green region of the spectrum. The performance of the system, in proving various types of water, is demonstrated by summarizing the results of initial laboratory and field experiments.
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Conference Paper
Carswell, A. I. (York Univ. Toronto Ontario, Canada)
Sizgoric, S. (York Univ. Toronto Ontario, Canada)
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August 8, 2013
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January 1, 1975
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Publication: NASA. Wallops Station The Use of Lasers for Hydrographic Studies
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