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computer simulation of thermal and fluid systems for mius integration and subsystems test /mist/ laboratoryThis paper describes the application of the SINDA (systems improved numerical differencing analyzer) computer program to simulate the operation of the NASA/JSC MIUS integration and subsystems test (MIST) laboratory. The MIST laboratory is designed to test the integration capability of the following subsystems of a modular integrated utility system (MIUS): (1) electric power generation, (2) space heating and cooling, (3) solid waste disposal, (4) potable water supply, and (5) waste water treatment. The SINDA/MIST computer model is designed to simulate the response of these subsystems to externally impressed loads. The computer model determines the amount of recovered waste heat from the prime mover exhaust, water jacket and oil/aftercooler and from the incinerator. This recovered waste heat is used in the model to heat potable water, for space heating, absorption air conditioning, waste water sterilization, and to provide for thermal storage. The details of the thermal and fluid simulation of MIST including the system configuration, modes of operation modeled, SINDA model characteristics and the results of several analyses are described.
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Conference Proceedings
Rochelle, W. C.
Liu, D. K.
Nunnery, W. J., Jr.
(Lockheed Electronics Co., Inc. Houston, Tex., United States)
Brandli, A. E.
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, Tex., United States)
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August 8, 2013
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January 1, 1975
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Energy 10; Annual Intersociety Energy Conversion and Engineering Conference(Newark, DE)
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