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Nuclear driven water decomposition plant for hydrogen productionThe conceptual design of a hydrogen production plant using a very-high-temperature nuclear reactor (VHTR) to energize a hybrid electrolytic-thermochemical system for water decomposition has been prepared. A graphite-moderated helium-cooled VHTR is used to produce 1850 F gas for electric power generation and 1600 F process heat for the water-decomposition process which uses sulfur compounds and promises performance superior to normal water electrolysis or other published thermochemical processes. The combined cycle operates at an overall thermal efficiency in excess of 45%, and the overall economics of hydrogen production by this plant have been evaluated predicated on a consistent set of economic ground rules. The conceptual design and evaluation efforts have indicated that development of this type of nuclear-driven water-decomposition plant will permit large-scale economic generation of hydrogen in the 1990s.
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Conference Proceedings
Parker, G. H.
(Westinghouse Electric Corp. Pittsburgh, PA, United States)
Brecher, L. E.
(Westinghouse Electric Corp. Pittsburgh, PA, United States)
Farbman, G. H.
(Westinghouse Electric Corp. Advanced Energy Systems Div., Pittsburgh, Pa., United States)
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August 8, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1976
Subject Category
Energy Production And Conversion
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Meeting: Conference on Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering
Location: State Line, NV
Start Date: September 12, 1976
End Date: September 17, 1976
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