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Ductile fracture of cylindrical vessels containing a large flawThe fracture process in pressurized cylindrical vessels containing a relatively large flaw is considered. The flaw is assumed to be a part-through or through meridional crack. The flaw geometry, the yield behavior of the material, and the internal pressure are assumed to be such that in the neighborhood of the flaw the cylinder wall undergoes large-scale plastic deformations. Thus, the problem falls outside the range of applicability of conventional brittle fracture theories. To study the problem, plasticity considerations are introduced into the shell theory through the assumptions of fully-yielded net ligaments using a plastic strip model. Then a ductile fracture criterion is developed which is based on the concept of net ligament plastic instability. A limited verification is attempted by comparing the theoretical predictions with some existing experimental results.
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Conference Proceedings
Erdogan, F.
(Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pa., United States)
Irwin, G. R.
(Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pa.; Maryland, University, College Park, Md., United States)
Ratwani, M.
(Northrop Corp. Hawthorne, Calif., United States)
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August 8, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1976
Subject Category
Structural Mechanics
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National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics(Pittsburgh, PA)
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