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Measurements of uranium mass confined in high density plasmasAn X-ray absorption method for measuring the amount of uranium confined in high density, rf-heated uranium plasmas is described. A comparison of measured absorption of 8 keV X-rays with absorption calculated using Beer Law indicated that the method could be used to measure uranium densities from 3 times 10 to the 16th power atoms/cu cm to 5 times 10 to the 18th power atoms/cu cm. Tests were conducted to measure the density of uranium in an rf-heated argon plasma with UF6 infection and with the power to maintain the discharge supplied by a 1.2 MW rf induction heater facility. The uranium density was measured as the flow rate through the test chamber was varied. A maximum uranium density of 3.85 times 10 to the 17th power atoms/cu cm was measured.
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Conference Paper
Stoeffler, R. C.
(United Technologies Research Center East Hartford, CT, United States)
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August 9, 2013
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September 1, 1976
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Publication: Princeton Univ. Partially Ionized Plasmas, Including the 3rd Symp. on Uranium Plasmas
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Plasma Physics
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