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Ocean current surface measurement using dynamic elevations obtained by the GEOS-3 radar altimeterRemote Sensing of the ocean surface from the GEOS-3 satellite using radar altimeter data has confirmed that the altimeter can detect the dynamic ocean topographic elevations relative to an equipotential surface, thus resulting in a reliable direct measurement of the ocean surface. Maps of the ocean dynamic topography calculated over a one month period and with 20 cm contour interval are prepared for the last half of 1975. The Gulf Stream is observed by the rapid slope change shown by the crowding of contours. Cold eddies associated with the current are seen as roughly circular depressions.
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Conference Proceedings
Leitao, C. D. (NASA Wallops Flight Center Wallops Island, VA, United States)
Huang, N. E. (NASA Wallops Flight Center Wallops Island, Va., United States)
Parra, C. G. (Washington Analytical Services Center Inc., Pocomoke City, Md., United States)
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August 9, 2013
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January 1, 1977
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AIAA PAPER 77-1566
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Conference on Satellite applications to marine technology(New Orleans, LA)
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