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A methodology for selecting optimum organizations for space communitiesThis paper suggests that a methodology exists for selecting optimum organizations for future space communities of various sizes and purposes. Results of an exploratory study to identify an optimum hypothetical organizational structure for a large earth-orbiting multidisciplinary research and applications (R&A) Space Base manned by a mixed crew of technologists are presented. Since such a facility does not presently exist, in situ empirical testing was not possible. Study activity was, therefore, concerned with the identification of a desired organizational structural model rather than the empirical testing of it. The principal finding of this research was that a four-level project type 'total matrix' model will optimize the effectiveness of Space Base technologists. An overall conclusion which can be reached from the research is that application of this methodology, or portions of it, may provide planning insights for the formal organizations which will be needed during the Space Industrialization Age.
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Conference Proceedings
Ragusa, J. M. (NASA Kennedy Space Center Payload Integration Office, Cocoa Beach, Fla., United States)
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August 9, 2013
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January 1, 1978
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AAS 77-293
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Annual Meeting(San Francisco, CA)
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