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Durability of foam insulation for LH2 fuel tanks of future subsonic transportsIn connection with the potential short-supply of petroleum based fuels, NASA has initiated investigations concerning the feasibility of aircraft using as fuel hydrogen which is to be stored in liquid form. One of the problems to be solved for an operation of such aircraft is related to the possibility of a suitable storage of the liquid hydrogen. A description is presented of an experimental study regarding the suitability of commercially available organic foams as cryogenic insulation for liquid hydrogen tanks under extensive thermal cycling typical of subsonic airline type operation. Fourteen commercially available organic foam insulations were tested. The thermal performance of all insulations was found to deteriorate with increased simulated flight cycles. Two unreinforced polyurethane foams survived over 4200 thermal cycles (representative of approximately 15 years of airline service) without evidence of structural deterioration. The polyurethane foam insulations also exhibited excellent thermal performance.
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Legacy CDMS
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Conference Paper
Sharpe, E. L.
(NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, Va., United States)
Helenbrook, R. G.
(Bell Aerospace Textron Buffalo, N.Y., United States)
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August 9, 2013
Publication Date
July 1, 1978
Subject Category
Nonmetallic Materials
Meeting Information
Meeting: International Cryogenic Materials Conference on Nonmetallic Materials and Composites at Low Temperatures
Location: Munich
Country: Germany
Start Date: July 10, 1978
End Date: July 11, 1978
Sponsors: International Cryogenic Materials Conference Board
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