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Information content of sky intensity and polarization measurements at right angles to the solar directionThe paper presents the results of a Monte Carlo simulation study of the brightness and polarization at right angles to the solar direction both for ground-based observations (looking up) and for satellite-based systems (looking down). Calculations have been made for a solar zenith angle whose cosine was 0.6 and wavelengths ranging from 3500 A to 9500 A. A sensitivity of signatures to total aerosol loading, aerosol particle size distribution and refractive index, and the surface reflectance albedo has been demonstrated. For Lambertian-type surface reflection the albedo effects enter solely through the intensity sensitivity, and very high correlations have been found between the polarization term signatures for the ground-based and satellite-based systems. Potential applications of these results for local albedo predictions and satellite imaging systems recalibrations are discussed.
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Holland, A. C.
(NASA Wallops Flight Center Wallops Island, VA, United States)
Thomas, R. W. L.
(NASA Wallops Flight Center Wallops Island, VA, United States)
Pearce, W. A.
(NASA Wallops Flight Center Wallops Island, Va., United States)
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August 9, 2013
Publication Date
July 15, 1978
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Publication: Applied Optics
Volume: 17
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Meteorology And Climatology
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