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Development and evaluation of a helicopter-borne water-quality monitoring systemA small, helicopter-borne water-quality monitoring package is being developed by the NASA/EPA using a combination of basic in situ water quality sensors and physical sample collector technology. The package is a lightweight system which can be carried and operated by one person as a passenger in a small helicopter typically available by rental at commercial airports. Real-time measurements are made by suspending the water quality monitoring package with a cable from the hovering helicopter. Designed primarily for use in rapidly assessing hazardous material spills in inland and coastal zone water bodies, the system can survey as many as 20 data stations up to 1.5 kilometers apart in 1 hour. The system provides several channels of sensor data and allows for the addition of future sensors. The system will also collect samples from selected sites with sample collection on command. An EPA Spill Response Team member can easily transport, deploy, and operate the water quality monitoring package to determine the distribution, movement, and concentration of the spilled material in the water body.
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Conference Proceedings
Wallace, J. W. (NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, Va., United States)
Jordan, R. A. (Virginia Institute of Marine Science Gloucester Point, Va., United States)
Flynn, J. (Hydrolab Corp. Austin, Tex., United States)
Thomas, R. W. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Las Vegas, Nev., United States)
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August 9, 2013
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January 1, 1978
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In: Joint Conference on Sensing of Environmental Pollutants(New Orleans, LA)
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