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FASOR - A second generation shell of revolution codeAn integrated computer program entitled Field Analysis of Shells of Revolution (FASOR) currently under development for NASA is described. When completed, this code will treat prebuckling, buckling, initial postbuckling and vibrations under axisymmetric static loads as well as linear response and bifurcation under asymmetric static loads. Although these modes of response are treated by existing programs, FASOR extends the class of problems treated to include general anisotropy and transverse shear deformations of stiffened laminated shells. At the same time, a primary goal is to develop a program which is free of the usual problems of modeling, numerical convergence and ill-conditioning, laborious problem setup, limitations on problem size and interpretation of output. The field method is briefly described, the shell differential equations are cast in a suitable form for solution by this method and essential aspects of the input format are presented. Numerical results are given for both unstiffened and stiffened anisotropic cylindrical shells and compared with previously published analytical solutions.
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Conference Proceedings
Cohen, G. A.
(Structures Research Associates Laguna Beach, Calif., United States)
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August 9, 2013
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January 1, 1978
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Structural Mechanics
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