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Evaluations of candidate encapsulation designs and materials for low-cost silicon photovoltaic arraysThree encapsulation designs for silicon photovoltaic arrays based on cells with silk-screened Ag metallization have been evaluated: transparent polymeric coatings over cells laminated between two films or sheets of polymeric materials; cells adhesively bonded to a glass cover with a polymer pottant and a glass or other substrate component. Silicone and acrylic coatings were assessed, together with acrylic sheet, 0.635 mm fiberglass-reinforced polyester sheet, 0.102 mm polycarbonate/acrylic dual-layer film, 0.127 mm fluorocarbon film, soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass, low-iron glass, and several adhesives. The encapsulation materials were characterized by light transmittance measurements, determination of moisture barrier properties and bond strengths, and by the performance of cells before and after encapsulation. Silicon and acrylic coatings provided inadequate protection. Acrylic and fluorocarbon films displayed good weatherability and acceptable optical transmittance. Borosilicate, low-iron and soda-lime-float glasses were found to be acceptable candidate encapsulants for most environments.
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Conference Proceedings
Gaines, G. B.
(Battelle Columbus Labs. OH, United States)
Carmichael, D. C.
(Battelle Columbus Labs. OH, United States)
Sliemers, F. A.
(Battelle Columbus Labs. OH, United States)
Brockway, M. C.
(Battelle Columbus Labs. OH, United States)
Bunk, A. R.
(Battelle Columbus Labs. OH, United States)
Nance, G. P.
(Battelle Columbus Laboratories Columbus, Ohio, United States)
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August 9, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1978
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Energy Production And Conversion
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Meeting: Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
Location: Washington, DC
Start Date: June 5, 1978
End Date: June 8, 1978
Sponsors: U. S. Departement of Energy
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