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Reduced power processor requirements for the 30-cm diameter HG ion thrusterThe characteristics of power processors strongly impact the overall performance and cost of electric propulsion systems. A program was initiated to evaluate simplifications of the thruster-power processor interface requirements. The power processor requirements are mission dependent with major differences arising for those missions which require a nearly constant thruster operating point (typical of geocentric and some inbound planetary missions) and those requiring operation over a large range of input power (such as outbound planetary missions). This paper describes the results of tests which have indicated that as many as seven of the twelve power supplies may be eliminated from the present Functional Model Power Processor used with 30-cm diameter Hg ion thrusters.
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Conference Paper
Rawlin, V. K.
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
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August 10, 2013
Publication Date
October 1, 1979
Subject Category
Spacecraft Propulsion And Power
Report/Patent Number
AIAA PAPER 79-2081
Meeting Information
Meeting: International Electric Propulsion Conference
Location: Princeton, NJ
Start Date: October 30, 1979
End Date: November 1, 1979
Sponsors: Princeton University, AIAA, and DGLR,
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